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Recycling. What we do.

I’m not sure if its just us but we drown in recycling on a weekly basis. Every week, I take at least two bags of recycling to Herbs school, so it can be used for ‘art’ projects, yet I still find myself knee deep in yogurt boxes.

At the shop, we are doing more & more to lesson our carbon foot print. All empty shoe boxes are stacked behind the door, for kids to nip in and take. Recently, we lost a whole heap to the local Rainbow group for a project. On top of the shoe boxes, most brands (some are worse than others) pack shoes with so much tissue paper, you’d think the shoe would burst. Not only is it a huge waste but it really eats up on our time fitting.

Other than splitting your household rubbish, what do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Yesterday, I cut up some of the packaging that couldn’t be shipped off to Herbs school & Nellie used glue and paper to make pictures. A nearly 2 year olds (how did that happen) take on mosaic…..or something like that 😉

Queen of recyling or cheapskate?
Its entirely possible that a mix of glue & snot was used to create Nells 1st masterpiece.
I used to work for Fiskars ‘The Orange Handled Scissor People’ & its true what they say, they are the BEST scissors!