Sizing can be tricky.

There is no standardisation of fit in the UK, which means like clothes, shoe fit will differ from brand to brand and across styles.

The measurement you’re given can also change from shop to shop, which can sometimes cause confusion for parents. Hopefully the following points will provide clarity on why this might happen:

  1. Varying fit technique. At Little Herbert we measure stood up, with weight over the knee. Many shops measure sat down
  2. Fitters use different measuring gauges
  3.  Foot size can change in warmer temperatures
  4. Foot size can change throughout the day (typically bigger in the evening)



Selling on line & fit. How do we manage this?

  1. Little Herbert does have an advantage to many other online retailers, that simply just sell their product online. Anything that is available online, is also on sale in our shop in Southwell, which means we have first hand experience of how each and every shoe fits
  2. We make ourselves available to communicate. It might not be immediate but we are always happy to lend a helping hand. Either on the shop landline or via email
  3. We categorise our shoes into various width fittings (coming soon)
  4. All of our shoes come with a length measurement provided in CM’s (coming soon)
  5. We advise how to measure at home (coming soon)
  6. We endeavour to offer an quick and easy return policy (see T&C’s)


Shoes need to be fitted?

That would be the ideal, however we’re busier than ever and there are fewer independents on the high street.

To make it as easy as possible, we categorise our shoes into narrow, medium & wide fit. We then provide the length in cm’s, to provide some standardisation (coming soon). If you’re equipped with as much information as possible, then you’re in a great starting place to fit your own shoes.